It?s still there ? the original Starbucks ? in Seattle?s Pike Place Market, looking much the same as it did when it opened 38 years ago. But now it is just one of the nearly 16,700 Starbucks spread out over 47 countries. This is the remarkable story of how a single retail outlet, opened in 1971, became the world?s largest chain of coffeehouses ? one of the largest franchises of any kind ? with over $10 billion in sales in 2008. How Starbucks Changed the World offers readers the opportunity to get to know this extraordinary corporation?s leaders, employees, guiding principles, corporate innovations, competitive strategies, setbacks, and future prospects. Along the way, it explores a number of fascinating issues, including the company?s pivotal decision to use Arabica beans instead of mass-produced coffee and its efforts to support sustainable coffee farming worldwide. The book also looks at how Starbucks is coping with the global economic downturn, including shifting to healthier food, and reembracing its coffee-centered, customer-based roots

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