It was supposed to bethe start of a pleasant weekend in London for master art restorer and spyGabriel Allonand his wife, Chiara. But a deadly pair of bombings in Paris andCopenhagen has already marred this lovelyautumn day. Then, before he can stop aman he suspectsis about to launch a third attack in Covent Garden,Gabriel isknocked to the pavement-and he can only watch helplessly as the nightmareunfolds.

The haunting memory of his failure to stopthe massacre of innocents is still fresh when Gabriel is summoned toWashington-and plunged into a deadly confrontation with the new face of globalterror. An elusive American-born cleric in Yemen-once a paid CIA assetwhomAllah has granted "a beautiful and seductive tongue"-stands atthe center of the explosive plague of death and destruction. And the worst isyet to come . . .

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