100 Facts - Inventions

Miles Kelly

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    Miles Kelly

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    100 facts inventions book for kids covers key topics about the history of inventions in simple numbered facts. Every page is covered in fantastic illustrations and photographs that support a child's understanding of the text.essential topics covered in 100 facts inventions:‚ inventions through the ages such as fire in the stone age and smartphones in the modern age‚ progression in communication, transport, weapons and household appliances‚ the technology of the futureexamples of 'i don't believe it' fascinating facts:‚ the earliest steam engine was totally useless. Around 2000 years ago a greek engineer invented a steam machine with a spinning metal ball. Unfortunately no one could think of any use for it.‚ a 15th-century chinaman, wan hu, tried to make a flying machine out of 47 rockets and two kites. His servants lit all the rockets at the same time, and wan hu disappeared forever!‚ some stone age people invented the first fridges! They buried spare food in pits dug in ground that was always frozen.activities to make learning accessible and interactive include:‚ quiz question: were early refrigerators dangerous because (a) they blew up or (b) they leaked poison gas?‚ make a shadow clock using a garden cane stuck in a flat piece of ground. Measure the shadow every hour using a marker, from 9am to 4pm, and note which hour casts the shortest shadow‚ rub your hands together really fast to feel how they become warmer. Rubbing things together is called friction, and friction causes heat

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